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How is it? Goes like this: every business, every profession, has its stars. And stars are not born---they make themselves that way. Nor do they tell you how great they are. They listen, learn, let customers come to their decisions (even if it takes years, people remember how they were first treated, and they do go back to where someone took the time with them). And finally, they let others do the talking.

All that Mike states are the facts that he can talk about---his enjoyment of selling these cars, and his length of time in the biz. Frankly, that's not much different than the best in any biz including the sale of cars.

What I'm most impressed with is, I haven't seen one post that said, "he pressured me." Or, "he said this was a one time deal only good for one hour." Quite the opposite is said: "it was an enjoyable experience," "it went so quickly and smoothly," "I learned everything I needed to know." Comments like that only get said about the best and we've been lucky to hear/read it on this Forum.

In every line I've been in, I can name two or three people who are the stars, the best for all the right reasons. I'd bet all of us can. Mike happens to be one of those in his line of work. And that's why he's talked about by others.
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