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Hi guys, I just had a new wrap done on my ST2 car so it was bound to have some contact this weekend .

There was a waving yellow flag in T11 that you can't see in the video. I was trying not to pass the legends car under yellow. In the split second that I decided to not pass that slow legends car I didn't realize he must have also been disabled and going so slowly. The yellow was for a GT40 that had spun on the exit of the turn.

Sucks for both me and the miata guy. Luckily I only broke a rear spindle and nothing else except for body damage. What sucks is I just got the car wrapped. Both the other driver (who is my friend) and I are fine. Let's not turn this into a big forum "you should have done this or that" session please. After 5 years of racing and dozens of close calls these things will happen sooner or later. Thanks!


BTW, this weekend was going quite well up until that point. I qualified pole in the SU class and was winning a close race holding off some fast cars. One split second of a bad decision made the day not so good. Oh well, live and learn.
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