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I am in Detroit now and spent half the day staring at the C7 . The car appears more GT than before, less purposeful and lean and very much like the Aston Martin DBS. Forget actual dimensions, car looks larger and longer than C6.
I actually like the rear of the car but despised the headlights. They are ultra cheesy and overwrought with mini Christmas bulbs . I find this absurd ! The 2014 M5 nearby had lamps to die for as did the new BMW 4 Series Coupe and the E Mercedes.

Paint and panel finish on Corvette were laser straight and super slick .

C7 always had the largest crowd.

PS. Lutz had 2 Fiskers there with ZR 1 motors !

Jag F - Type reminds me of a larger Honda S2000 - very disappointing


Although similar in actual size, 991 Porsche looks much smaller.

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