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Default Saw it at auto show today

I wasn't sold on the new vette from the renderings and pictures. I saw the car in person today and it is SMOKING!!!
If you think the tail lights look like a camaro you probably haven't seen them in person. They look like nothing I've seen on ANY car. They are hard to explain and you can't capture the depth and true look with a picture. There are a couple things I would do different if I was chief designer like all the black instead of body color on the back but I could make that statement about every car. Make no mistake...this car screams CORVETTE. you can't mistake it for anything else. Got too much wrapped up in my current vette to afford one anytime soon but seeing it has got me trying to figure out how I can pull it off
There was four of us aged 20,40,49,55. All agreed it was awesome. Probably only car we all agreed upon all day
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