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Default C7 is Ricer Styling

IMO, the C7 is a product of the Ricer Styling School of Design. Those comparing the C7 to the coming NSX are correct in chosing those two cars for compairson - they both are products of the Ricer Styling School of Design. That means the C7 styling is current and relevant to those raised on computer games with limited graphic capability whose limitations determined how oblects were represented. That may or may not appeal to those who currently have sufficient wealth buy a Corvette. That also means that within three years the C7 will look dated to that audiance as those people expect a major upgrade in looks as that's what computer games do - make a major upgrade in looks every three years. That upgrade usually takes the form of making the objects look more realistic.
If I'm right, the C7 should have an initial appeal to an audiance that is going to want an upgrade in three years to a more realistic style - whatever more realistic means.
IMO there is nothing lasting about the C7 Ricer styling, nothing that deserves the label Stingray, nothing that people will look back upon as having set a new styling trend. Although the C7 styling may well have set a new expectation of three year production runs from the styling pint of view.
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