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We cerainly have a lot of varied opinions here. I'll throw my two cents in. Here's the deal...this car is probably superior in every way to the current C6 model. Looks will matter less to the performance oriented buyer. Anyone looking for a performance car will have to consider the new Corvette where in the past they may have overlooked it entirely as a worthy competitor to all the other marque names. I parted ways with my beloved NSX that I bought new in 1995 to get my new 427. From my personal perspective, I didn't care at all for the C6 until they came out with the Z06 wide body style. To me that is what the C6 should have been all along. I had been wishing for years that they would do a Z06 convertable. The 427, according to GM, is NOT a Z06 convertable but it is really, really close. If the C7 that I'm seeing tonight and the 427 were both available at the same time, I would have still gone the 427 route because I personally wanted that badass engine and the open air experience. Now maybe the convertable version of this model will be appealing. I'm trying to visualize it and having a little difficulty doing so. Long story short, I feel I have a classic setting in my garage now and it's looks are quite catching and will remain so. I also don't understand where all this bad mouthing of the so-called cheap interior comes from. I'm not that all familiar with base model or earlier C6's but there is nothing at all wrong with my interior on my Anniversary model. It compares quite favorably with my friends new Carrerra S 911. I think the new C7 is a terrific step forward in technology and well it should be. I think that adds to the heritage of Corvette and I will be proud of not only the new model buy my "old" C6 427 as helping build the base for that heritage, just as my 1965 Fuelie did before that. Long live the Corvette!
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